2016: Your Year in Review



2016 review banner - text in vintage letterpress wood type block with a cup of coffee

If you are on Facebook, you recently received your unrequested, but they sent it anyway, FB-produced personalized “Year in Review. I watched my short video. Cute enough.

But, even though FB earnestly prompted me to do so, I resisted the urge to share my “Year in Review” for friends and family to watch on my FB page.

(And if you are not on FB, you are not alone. My husband, JP, has a FB page, but rarely checks it.  A very smart and technically-able man, as I’ve said in this blog before, he finds FB incomprehensible. “I just don’t get it.” he will say. What’s a page? What’s a news feed?  And most important – What if I don’t want to “friend” someone in return? Sadly, JP is far too kind not to “friend” someone back, even if that person is someone who he never talked to, but who may have had a locker near his in high school. That’s what happens when you are my husband, the still-popular-to-this-day president of his senior class. So not my problem.)

Which is one of the reasons why I did not share my “Year in Review” on my FB page.

One thing I’ve learned this year – in my own self-produced, virtual “Year in Review”  – is that no one is as interested in you as you are.

(grammatical correctness? Unsure. But feel free not to scold me. My 93-year-old Dad has that role covered.)

But you take my point. You care more about your quotidian details than your friends or family do.

For example: One day you leave the house thinking your hair looks hideous. No one cares. Next day you leave the house wearing extremely old yoga pants. And you’ve never taken a yoga class. No one notices. Once this fall I dressed very quickly and wore a casual shirt inside-out. (it happens.) Then someone did notice. A very nice younger woman sweetly and non-judgmentally pointed it out to me in a supermarket aisle as I was selecting among the apples. I slinked back to my car, slid down in the seat, reversed my shirt and went back inside to finish my food shop. Life went on.

So on the point of your own “Year in Review”, the only person who really cares how your year went is you. Your husband/spouse/partner/child/best friend – trust me – they really don’t want the details.

And you may not remember the details.

More and more as I get older, I find the details, not only mine, but those of others slipping away. Like when a good friend who lives on another coast calls to update you on a significant event in her life and you listen to her very closely, but you cannot for the life of you remember anything about her significant event.  Was it her brother-in-law who suddenly got very ill a few weeks ago  – or her sister-in-law? Once the conversation has begun, it’s too embarrassing to ask your friend for a refresher. So you listen harder and hope that you will pick up the thread as she continues to talk. Thankfully, she seems not to notice. She probably experiences the same problem.

My self-produced “Year in Review?” I was hoping you would ask. One way to measure it is by the number of times I had to visit a hospital in 2016. Three times total. 2x for sad reasons. 1x for a very happy reason (our second grandchild is now nearly ten months old.)

I think the ratio of 2 sad-purpose visits to 1 happy-purpose hospital visit reasons per year is probably about right for someone who is nearly – not quite but counting the months – inching up to Medicare.

More of my 2016 numbers:

  • One brave new venture (applied to, accepted by a grad school M.A. in Writing program. love going to class, doing the homework and learning to write fiction.)
  • Two grandchildren thriving.
  • Three vacations taken.
  • Four times we thought about selling our old house – and didn’t.
  • Five weddings of the adult children of friends.

You, too, can personalize and self-produce your own ” Year in Review.” But my advice is not to dwell too much on 2016.  Look ahead to 2017 – because 2017 promises to be a rather eventful year for everyone. Politically, if not personally.

What was that famous quote from the wonderful old movie “All About Eve” – ironically starring the aging Bette Davis as an aging actress dealing with the take-over efforts of her younger, competitive actress rival?

Fasten your seatbelts. It’s going to be a bumpy night.”

Bumpy 2017, here we come.












December 12, 2016 · 8:59 pm

5 responses to “2016: Your Year in Review

  1. Gail Kent

    I wish you were my friend. ( – :

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  2. Totally agree, 2 sad for 1 happy is a good thing!


  3. I’d the say the number i for sure didn’t want/need to see for mine was how many posts I’d liked. OY!!!

    You’re so right that nobody cares as much as we do about our own lives. Yeah, not sure on the grammar on my version either. I tell people the same thing when they ask for my advice on the look o their sites and agonize over it. I say, trust me, nobody will look at your site as often as you do. Not one soul.

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  4. Bonnie J. Weissman

    I agree with you and Nina. Nobody cares about my page like I do… But that’s OK. I was considered the dumbest of the three daughters (but ended up the first to earn an advanced degree) in my family growing up, so grammar and spelling on my page are important in my posts, as is sentence structure. A hang up I know, but there it is.
    This year has ended on a great note. My oldest, a happy wife, the mom of twin toddler boys, and a JAG captain (and a paratrooper) in the Army National Guard, was elected to partnership of her firm this past Saturday. When she was a little girl, some teachers told me she was barely above average, and I should not expect much. She was dyslexic and initially had trouble learning to read. I wish they could see her now and all the honors she racked up. My girl graduated with honors from college and law school, and now this in the largest law firm in our state (she was one of only three to make it this year. Oh, and she’s gorgeous too; the firm has used her in an ad campaign and the Army JAG used her in training films. OK, that’s my bragfest for today. Thanks for reading, and I’m sorry it was so long.

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  5. Actually I have to disagree. I find my FB year in review very revealing and use it more like a NYr’S Resolution prompt. While it may feel random bc I know what was most important to me in 2016, my attention may have been misfocused on less significant events. If the people I love the most don’t show up, I realize I have to do a better job in 2017 of making time for them.
    All that said, FB postings and likes and photos are mostly light-hearted and any halfway mentally healthy person can’t lose sleep over quick connections on days that allowed a FB visit: very infrequent for me. But I love the warm, fuzzy feeling that I did actually connect with a long distance friend from an earlier time. It gives me a little pat on the back for not being totally isolated in my own life and all those details that might get lost in the BIG events that were more memorable.
    A little perspective is useful, even if skewed to my lazier moments online and not in my real everyday life.
    It’s the same satisfying twinge I get when I’m mentioned in a friend’s Christmas letter (or show up on their FB year in review). Not anything to dwell on or brag about, but a minimal aftershock that reminds me I am part of a bigger world of friends and family and
    schoolmates and colleagues. It’s like the bell ringing in It’s a Wonderful Life. The FB angel has reminded me I’m part of something bigger.

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