Bad Timing Birthday Brings Bonus

 Having a birthday in early June is a matter of bad timing.

I don’t blame my parents (it’s a tad late for that), but for those of you who may now be considering an attempt to conceive a child this coming September for a planned early June arrival, I have these words of advice: “Don’t do it.”

June 2 is the date of my birth. It has not been an optimal one, unfortunately coinciding over the years with many seemingly more important life cycle events belonging to other people.

I have attended many special events on June 2. Instead of having the sole focus on that auspicious date be on ME and MY birthday (“ME” and “MY” are two current favorite words, in high rotation in the vocabulary of my three-year-old grandson),  I have frequently pretended to be happy at someone else’s celebration.

High School graduations, College graduations, anniversary parties, weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, end-of-school-year dinners,  baby showers, engagement events.  All held on the popular early summer date of June 2.

And fyi, if you are a guest at a friend’s big event, it is not considered polite to remark in the middle of their festivities  – “Oh, by the way, it’s my birthday today.” 

No one will care. Instead you have to suck it up and act as if it is their special day alone.

Besides having had to share my birthday more times than I would like, I also have not had good luck with the date itself.

Early June is a busy time. The school year is ending. The summer is starting. Everyone is preoccupied with their own concerns. One year when I was in high school, the only birthday card I received in the mail was from my grandmother. And she spelled my name incorrectly.

(This is true, not because she had dementia at that point in her life, but because I am one of seven grand-daughters all closely clustered in age. So if I received a small, but welcome, birthday check in the mail from my mother’s mother, I was told to endorse it, even it was made out to another of my first cousins.)

At least my grandmother remembered. Unlike some of my other here-unnamed friends and family members who are pretty sure that my birthday falls in early June, even if they cannot quite remember the exact date.

Here it is for you:  June 2. And it is going to be a BIG one this year  —> 65.


  • The Medicare Year.
  • The Year Your Mail is Flooded With Annuity Retirement Fund Brochures.
  • The Year You Can No Longer Pretend You are Still Middle-Aged.
  • The Year You Have to Stop Saying – “Oh, I’m  in my early sixties.” Because You Are Not. You are now half-way to 70.

Which is fine with me. Because as my Dad likes to say (especially now in his still-early-90’s), better to have a birthday than not.

Earlier this week my Dad’s best friend died. His friend was a brilliant, caring man, a highly respected doctor in my hometown.  He was 91 and sure you can say that he lived to a “ripe old age”, but for him and likely for my Dad, his death came too soon. My Dad, who is far better with words of legal origin than of emotional weight,  cannot bring himself to express his sadness. But he did tell me that with this recent death all of his male pals are now gone. He is the only one left.

All the more reason to celebrate birthdays while you still have them to celebrate. Not to let people forget how important it is to remember that you are still alive, that you still appreciate a carefully-selected card, perhaps a slice of cheese cake with a single candle and a clever email greeting or two.

(Let me state here for the record my firmly held belief that posting a breezy “Happy Birthday” on Facebook after you have been reminded it is a friend’s birthday does not count.  Full credit is awarded ONLY if you remember the person’s birthday of your own accord without a social media prompt.)

And if you are close enough to me that you are considering the purchase of a gift this year, please know that I  already have a drawer full of highly-effective, collagen-building, “youth-preserving” skin moisturizers. Do try to be a bit more imaginative in the present department. Not every 65-year-old woman will gracefully accept the subtle reminder of yet another new anti-aging cream.

But we will gracefully accept being remembered on our birthdays.

On the exact date, if possible. Thank you in advance.






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7 responses to “Bad Timing Birthday Brings Bonus

  1. Mindy Portnoy

    Being 65 isn’t so bad, except for the Medicare card (that gives me the creeps!). I did something similar in my life; gave birth to Ceala on our anniversary (8th). Clearly, her birthday always took precedence, although on the actual date (in 1983), i thought it was pretty cool! Enjoyed this posting..,..


  2. Miriam Daniel


    On Wed, May 3, 2017 at 4:45 PM, Witty Worried and Wolf wrote:

    > Nancy Wolf posted: ” Having a birthday in early June is a matter of bad > timing. I don’t blame my parents (it’s a tad late for that), but for those > of you who may now be considering an attempt to conceive a child this > coming September for a planned early June arrival, I ha” >


  3. PreHappy Birthday! I can’t wait to turn 65 and stop paying a mortgage payment amount for my health care. As a January birthday girl, I am not a big fan of my birthday date either. The weather except for CA sucks, people are burnt out from the New Year and whine whine!
    Before my Dad passed at age 86 all his best pals had died and he was left playing golf with what he called the “b” team. My BFF died 18 months ago and I totally understand the loss.


  4. Gail Kent

    If you think June 2 is bad, you should try having one right after Christmas. Growing up in a family that never had enough money, my birthday on Jan. 11 was always an afterthought. I turned 65 this year, too, BTW. It was great! It was like turning 16 all over again. I loved getting my Medicare card. Finally something good again for just getting older. And next year, SSI! Yeah!


  5. Hi Nancy, I agree with Gail. Being born in the Thanksgiving/Christmas season is even worse! I was born on November 2, so that’s better… except that it’s also election time, and so often, folks are thinking about other (way more important) things than my birthday. I’m now 62… and I think, “HOW did THIS happen?” I decided to get my SS right now, because heck, who knows how long I’ll be around? Best thing I’ve done so far! : )


  6. Nola Huffman

    Good one! And I’ll try to remember. No promises, thiugh. I only remembered Sophie’s is this Saturday just in time to get a cookie bouquet delivered to Buffalo. She’s turning 21. Another big one. 🙂



  7. Not all college graduations are held in June; most are held in May, like the ones I had for undergrad and grad schools 37 and 35 years ago, respectively. My high school and B-school graduations were in early June: on the same date (6/6), but 23 years apart and on the same day: Sunday! HS: 6/6/76, B-school: 6/6/99. I attended many weddings in June, but I don’t recall whether they were held in early June. Sometimes, if you’re a kid, you can’t control when you get conceived and delivered. Whether parents can do that, that’s anybody’s guess (or not). Nice pix of b-day cake candles–very colorful. I hope the cake tasted good! 🙂


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