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  1. Pam

    Hi Nancy,

    I have just read one of your blog entries, the one about the quiet mom, the one who does not brag. I want to commend you on that phenomenally written post. You captured in so very few words what it’s like to have a kid who’s different – the angst and the utter joy and pride for accomplishments achieved in a parallel universe.

    My sisters and I grew up in the traditional universe – Wall Street, doctors and lawyers. All three of us, our husbands and 4 out of 5 grandchildren are similarly situated. My child is the only one who’s in the parallel universe. He’s extraordinarily bright and kind, but he is very different. I have spent most of my life living a very different kind of life from the one I expected and from the ones my sisters are leading. I adore my son and have spent most of his life getting him services and training so he can be happy and productive- and hopefully independent – in the traditional world. Thank you for conveying so vividly and poignantly the life that you, I, and many people lead.

    With deep appreciation,

    Pam (If possible, I would love to know that you received my comment. Best wishes to you – and thanks again.)


    • Pam – thank you for your thoughtful comment. I like your point about accomplishments in the “parallel universe”. Good luck to your son, he is lucky to have you getting him services and training. We Moms of different kids have to stick together!



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